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  Wednesday, Nov 25, 2015
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Ashok Leyland Dost Review - Son of the soil
Kyle makes some new friends at the farm
By : Kyle Pereira | Published : September 28, 2011 | Photos : Kyle Pereira
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Note: All specifications for the LCVs mentioned below are those that have been claimed by their respective  manufacturers

Mahindra Maxximo
Displacement: 909cc, DI, twin cylinder
Max power: 24.7 bhp@3600 rpm
Max torque: 5.6 kgm@1800-2200 rpm
Transmission: 4-speed
GVW: 1,800 kg
Top speed: 70 kph

Tata  Super Ace
Displacement: 1405cc, DI, turbo, I-4
Max power: 70 bhp@4500 rpm
Max torque: 13.8 kgm@2500 rpm
Transmission: 5-speed
GVW: 2,180 kg
Top speed: 125 kph

Displacement: 870cc, DI, twin cylinder
Max power: 17 bhp@3600 rpm
Max torque: 4.5 kgm
Transmission: 5-speed
GVW: 1,810 kg
Top speed: 65 kph

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  Posted by Deepa at 2nd March,2012
Sir, We have one dost and the product complaint is like horror movie stories. Its started giving mileage of 17 initially and dropped to 10 later and gear box crack issue.
  Posted by s m kelkar at 31st October,2011
this will be an ideal vehicle for carriage of goods for short distance. ashok.leyland should also go on introducing small pax carriears (8-10 seater)just like innova or tavera.neo.
  Posted by Sameer at 5th October,2011
Hi, I liked the review. The farm background and all. Dost seems to be a very good vehicle. I guess, Leyland should also look at developing a passenger version, with much higher load carrying capacity, on the Dost platform as a maxicab for smaller areas. And yes, Mr Pereira, you are very lucky to get a chance to be among the first to travel in the vehicle.
  Posted by Kyle Pereira at 29th September,2011
Oh, and smart observation with the wheels. Yes, they are indeed alloys, but we aren't sure that the truck will be sold with those rims.
  Posted by Pradeep Kumar at 28th September,2011
That is one bling truck with wheels that look almost like alloys!
  Posted by Pradeep Kumar at 28th September,2011
What is Arul Futnani (Sindhi going by name) doing in Tamil Nadu (and that too farming)? Loved your review no doubt, but do you think we are going to believe these cock and bull stories with impersonated characters?
  Posted by Kyle Pereira at 28th September,2011
Hi Pradeep! Thanks for reading the article and taking the time to leave a comment behind. We really appreciate it! Coming back to your second comment, I'd like to ask you this: if there can be Sardars thriving in Canada, why can't there be Sindhis in Tamil Nadu? Check out the following link: Or simply Google 'The Farm, Arul Futnani' for more details. I must mention that they serve really tasty 'cock' and 'bull' at the farm, but they prefer to call it 'chicken' and 'beef' respectively! Make sure you call and make an appointment though, before you arrive at their door step. Thanks again and please do keep writing in! Regards, Kyle
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